Our children need us to know how to lead them into a purposeful future. From the Hood to Harvard offers the tools not just the talk for reaching the American Dream. You will find keys to connecting your children to the Greater Voice within them.

Purposeful Leadership Restoration & Recovery Proper Use
  1. Guidelines for Interpreting
  2.  Discover the Real Meaning
  3.  Recognize Legalism
  4.  Apply Promises Properly
  5.  Rightly Divide the Word of  Truth
  6.  Improve Church Leadership




After experiencing a series of deaths, near death experiences, and break-ups  my feelings had become false to me and I discovered I was creating a “false self.” I had lost the ability to breathe normally.



I bought both of your books last week and I finished 'Hood to Harvard' in one day and 'Good Grief it's Mourning' in 3hrs! Such excellent reads! I laughed, I cried, I said OUCH numerous times.  I didn't want to read them at 1st because I just "knew" it would take me to that chest closing, throat gripping, can't breathe, stomach caving in moment I been trying not to have.  These books did for me what literature can sometimes do, reclaim the broken off bits of the spirit … More